Carpet Cleaning

aZtec perform carpet cleaning either as part of a regular, contracted service or as a one off project. It is always surprising to people how much dirt becomes trapped in a carpet and how grimy they get; just ask anyone that has cleaned their home carpets. As we look at them every day we don’t tend to notice the gradual accumulation of dirt and how the colour changes.

Aztec Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

Mat cleaning

Almost every property has some form of mat at the entrance to prevent the worst of the dirt from being taken into the interior of the building. These obviously need cleaning themselves at regular intervals to both ensure you make a great impression for visitors and that they work effectively.

Typically aZtec will clean such mats as part of an on-going contract to help you make that instant positive impact on all types of visitor. The secondary advantage of regularly cleaning them is that they retain more material and so prevent the interior of your building from getting so dirty.Aztec Cleaning Carpet Cleaning

aZtec have the equipment  and experience necessary to deal with all types of mat and to help you make that great first impression.

Contact aZtec to come and provide a no obligation quotation to clean your mats and carpets – you’ll be surprised at the positive difference we can make. Either call us on 01525 216330 to speak to someone or contact us via email and we will get back to you.

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