Pest Control

Most people think of mice first when discussing pest control. aZtec however, are experienced in removing many more types of pest from your premises and in keeping them away with an effective pest control regime.

pest control

Mice (of all different types) and rats seem to be able to eat through almost anything: power cables, network cables, concrete – you name it, they can find a way through. To find the damage and effect repairs can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds; put a simple, cost effective pest control system in place to stop that happening.

Other types of pest may be less obvious but can still have a significant effect on people and therefore on the business. aZtec are experienced in pest control within offices, warehouses, public areas and schools. Whether you need a quick visit for some advice or you want us to regularly visit on a contract basis – we will provide the service that suits you best.


hawkingOne of the most effective techniques of controlling bird pests is to use the birds’ natural predators so that they move on to pastures new. This is achieved by flying hawks in the area. aZtec works with very experienced bird handlers that perform this role safely, professionally and above all effectively.

Keeping unwanted birds away can be a serious problem. Some species are known to carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, either directly or more commonly by coming into contact with their droppings. Let aZtec remove this issue from your site quickly, effectively and naturally.

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